Any other way to authenticate in embed

I am creating an app in Xamarin.Android and when the user opens the app they are logged in. Currently I am using the OAuth Authorization Code flow. Everything(auth) is working fine - (i.e. I am able to display their username and profile pic in my menu)

On one of my pages I have embedded the stream following the guidelines on embedding but I would also like to show chat below the stream. **Here in lies the problem - If I embed the chat, it asks the user to login inside my WebView to use the chat. I would rather not do this as they have already logged in when they open the app.

What are my options?

Technically none.

As docmuneted:

Is the “proper”/official way to embed chat, which will handle authentication on it’s own. The alternative is to essentially build an entire IRC client inside you app, and rebuild the whole chat experience, which then means you’ll be behind whenever Twitch pushes a new thing. And additionally you’d need to request some hefty WARNING permissions from the end user

(I saw warning as they’ll be DANGER flagged on the auth dialog)

Make sure you protect your secrets and there is no way to extract the client secret from your App. The use of OAuth Implicit Code Flow may be more secure here.

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