Any plans on making Stream Markers "public"?

Hello, I’m wondering why Get Stream Markers are not “public (like Get Videos)” and if there are any plans on making it “public” so everyone can get the markers associated to the video instead of just my own created markers and not require scope: user:read:broadcast .

Given that currently, markers can only be seen/created by channel editors and above in the main UI/dashboard, I doubt the API will be changed unless the UI is.

Feature suggestions can be made for the main dashboard/website at

Since that would have to be changed first before the API can follow suit

Ah oke, thanks.

Video “chapters” are visible for me (everyone), are they not the same as Stream Markers?

No they are not.

Video Chapters are where the stream changed game

Stream Makers are created by a editor/caster via the chat /marker description command (or via the API).

“Chapters” already has a uservoice here

Ahhh oke.

Thanks for the help!

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