Any Way to Create / Edit Events?


Is there any way to create / edit or remove scheduled events?

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This is the third party developer forum, please see the relevant help articles ^^

Well thanks Barry for the completely unhelpful response.

I posted in the API forum because I’m a developer trying to use the API to create / edit / remove events.

In other words NOT using the dashboard described in the article you linked to.


You didn’t say in your post, so it sounded like we had another “general help query”, and you had found yourself to the wrong place in the Twitch Support, support chain

There are no official API end points for event creation, deletion, or managing there of.

I searched Twitch API | Twitch Developers and I searched Twitch API | Twitch Developers for you and I searched

And as you can see it’s not in any of them

Does that help?

Again, I am sorry for giving you ALL the information I have in my original reply.

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