Any way to know if a webhook has been revoked?


We had an outage recently which meant that some of our Twitch webhooks have (potentially) been revoked - and seeing as our service was down, we were unable to receive any notifications regarding this fact.

As such, is there a way to see if the calls have been revoked, or should I simply be re-requesting the webhooks? What I’d like to understand is if when I re-request a webhook for a user, does it overwrite the existing one, a new one get created, or does the request get rejected if it already exists?

I ask the latter as I want to move to a different architecture solution going forward to prevent downtime, and in doing so I’ll likely need to recreate the webhooks to point to the new server endpoint. I have a backup should that not be possible, but it would be good to understand.


Use get EventSubs to get your subscriptions

Webhooks that died will hang around in this API fo about 10 days

409 code if it already exists and is active
202 code if it’s successfully created for veritifcation

Great thank you for this, and all your continued help.

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