Any way to update the game title on Twitch?


I’m a developer of an indie game called ZeroRanger. The game was originally called Final Boss in the Giant Bomb database but just before Steam release we decided to change name. The updated name shows correctly in Giant Bomb’s page, but in Twitch game list the game can be still only be found under Final Boss.

Judging by some similar topics, this might some kind of sync error between GB and Twitch databases. Is there a way to fix this? Any help would be much appreciated.


You might be able to do it after claiming ownership of your game as described similar to

Thanks for the suggestion BarryCarlyon!

Unfortunately, I asked about this problem from a fellow dev and they were only able to change the box-art after they claimed the ownership of their game on Twitch. They didn’t have an option for changing the game’s title in the directory.

Well you’ve exceeded the forum support,

you might want to jump on the Twitch Dev server or drop a support ticket vai

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