Any way to view Channel Point redemption status?

Hey, hope you guys can help.

I know I can use the Twitch Pub/Sub API to get channel point redemptions but, as I’m sure you know, they all currently have the status of unfulfilled.

Annoyingly, I can’t use the getRedemptionById call to the API to find out it’s status because the redemption was created using a different client_id (through the twitch site, rather than through the API). I’m not trying to manage the redemption, literally just trying to view it’s current status.

Is there still no way to check the status of any regular channel point redemption, even while authorized with the broadcasters access_token?

A clientID can only obtain redemptions from the API for rewards that the clientID owns.

This prevents two (or more) clientID’s fighting over the reward and it’s redemptions.

Basicaly no, as there is no scope to “act as the first party token”

as then two or more clients will/can fight each other

Additionally, if it goes into the queue, you can’t update the queue with your client, so it goes unfulfilled and stays unfillfed.
And if it’s a non queue reward it insta goes “complete”

I understand that being necessary for updating/fulfilling/refunding a redemption, but surely the API should at least let you get the redemption in a read-only manner? If it’s broadcasted through the Pub/Sub with a redemption ID I’d think I should at least be able to check up on it y’know? Just surprised that’s not implemented. (not meant in a snipy/sarcastic way)

Then you need a uservoice to request this functionality.

But if you can’t update the reward, you’ll end up multi processing it

And if the reward “skips the redemption queue” then it will always be complete.

“Real time” is a different prospect to “fetch lazily” so pubsub and the API have different behaviours. shrug

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