API and client_id's

https://api.twitch.tv/kraken/users/105279329?client_id=xxxx I put that link in the address bar with my client id and i keep getting an error like this "error": "Not Found", "status": 404, "message": "User \105279329\" was not found"

Any reason for that?

You’re not using the versioning parameter.
Append “&api_version=5” to your URL

To explain further,

Note: The default version of the API is V3 until Feb. 14, 2018. However, V3 is scheduled to be deprecated (2017) and removed altogether (2018), so we strongly recommend you migrate to V5 now.

This chrome plugin may help your hassles, lets you set ClientID and TwitchAPI Version and thus pass as a header


Hi @Hardrock

As @BarryCarlyon mentioned in his comment. The client id and api version are both set in the headers not URL for the request.

Ok Thanks! :smiley:

Both can be set in the URL too using client_id and api_version parameters respectively.

Never passed these params within URL. I think headers keeps the request a little tidy as well so I would personally recommend using headers anyways :slight_smile:

Also you can set headers once and reuse them for multiple calls rather than having to add the params to every request URL. I’m sure you will agree :slight_smile:

An of course headers are not logged in history, and query string arguments are :smiley:

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