[API Announcement] Developer portal, Kraken changelogs, small chat update

Developer Portal

You might already know, but we opened up last week a developer portal and a new discussion forum (you’re looking at it!). This is us at Twitch beginning to put focus into building a more cohesive set of tools and information for all of you who want to build on top of our technology.

Both places are fairly barebones right now, but we’re interested in adding the following in the near future:

  • Application/website directory where we list and organize the things you build on top of our web API
  • Interactive documentation (iodocs, swagger, apiary, something along those lines) of the web API that includes working examples in multiple languages
  • Status page indicating the health of our services (Kraken, TMI, etc)

We’re totally open to feedback, so feel free to give us suggestions by replying to this topic!

Twitch Chat

When connecting to the Twitch chat servers, please use irc.twitch.tv instead of $channelname.jtvirc.com. The jtvirc domain will still work, but you’ll find irc.twitch.tv to be much more stable.

Kraken v2 Changelog

  • Fixed /streams/followed 404 bug
  • Fixed /streams _links format bug
  • Fixed 503 error on empty results for /streams/featured
  • Fixed incorrect length for broadcast videos
  • Fixed timeouts on /users/:user/follows/channels/:channel
  • Fixed chat embed iframe breakout on 404
  • Fixed game property null value bug on stream objects
  • Fixed _links.next bug on /streams?game= queries

Kraken v3 (unstable) Changelog

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Are there any swagger.io docs for the API?

No, there aren’t any Swagger docs. You can find the latest docs on the Twitch Developers website: https://dev.twitch.tv/docs