Api collect data about last follower

Hey everyone i have one question to do. I can see with request to your api, to collect all recent followers (i can defined time, example 30minutes, 1 minute, 1 day)?
I tried to search more about event followers or request api followers, but I didn’t see anything. . My objective is receive last follower to subscribe in my channel.

Thanks for helping me

The best solution for “last follower” is to use EventSub

Which has a followers topic, so you can recieve an instantish notification when you get a new followers.

Alternatively you can call

With a call similar to


Which will return the most recently follower.

if you need “followers since x time”


and paginate till you hit a followed_at older than the time you are after

ok thanks.

I have one another question, if you can answer me, i can do the same with hosts or i need chance parameters??


There is no API support for Hosts.

You might be able to collect this from chat if you are logged in as the streamer and listen for messages from the JTV user but this seems inconsistent at best.

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