Api cursor not working as intended?

Hello everyone,
first things first, excuse my ignorance and lack of knowledge since api is a new thing for me and this may be something simple and stupid that I am overlooking.
However it seems to me that the cursor is not working properly for me.
My problem with it is that I am trying to make a whole list with every follower for a channel.
So whenever i go to a certain json page ex:https://api.twitch.tv/kraken/channels/springtraptkn/follows?client_id=
i get a link for the next page or i get a cursor for supposably the next page, but when I use that cursor to navigate manually to the next page it shows the same list of follower names.
Is this a known problem or is it me ?
Thank you guys in advance !

Seems to be similar issue to

Helix be misbehaving

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