API Endpoint for raid settings

Is there an endpoint to check a channel’s raid settings? It seems like the chat settings endpoint doesn’t show any of the new raid restrictions (or if a channel is able to be raided into at all). The only thing I can think of is to ‘pre’ raid a channel and wait for a 400 error and take note of it-- I’d rather not do that.

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No there isn’t

The API here functions the same as the Twitch website.
So you can’t see you can’t raid a channel till you try to raid.

So first party would need to support it before third party would

You need a first party user voice to request that function added to raiding on the main platform https://twitch.uservoice.com/
Then a third party/api uservoice to request an API for it https://twitch.uservoice.com/forums/310213-developers

Personally I doubt we’d get either as it would make it easier for hate raiders to avoid targets if they can check the target channel first. shrug

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Thank you for the insight @BarryCarlyon I appreciate it!

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