API experience, Testing monetization features

This is one of our biggest pain points, to be honest. Lots of unexpected things.

We currently can’t easily test viewers using bits easily. There are some issues:

  • Products are not charged when they are in development mode. Why not just not charge it when it’s on a hosted test, and remove the development mode? We can not test it anymore once the app has gone live, or we need to make some test products and live products, which quite frankly is a bit annoying.

  • useSetLoopback should be removed IMO, it’s confusing and can be easily forgotten. The solution above would make that flag redundant anyway.

Strongly disagree, as the loopback is the only way a transaction can be tested within the rig, regardless of if you’re in local or hosted testing, and the rig can still be preferable for testing certain situations (such as transactions by different user types).

I’m setup so I can dynamically tell my extension what product to use.

So I can tell my live extension to switch to a “test product” thats marked in “dev” and switch back to a “real product” at will

Products can be added/removed at will

@CVS-Gaming Thanks for the question, and Barry and Dist, thanks for those responses. The intent of the test mode of products was to allow our developers to complete test transactions, while in hosted mode. Typically you would create seperate products in test mode, and your extension in test mode would have logic to surface the test products. If you need more help, please feel free to create a post in the Extensions category of the forum. Thanks!