Api for custom Go Live notification

Hey !

Is it possible to use the twitch API to get the custom Go Live notification of a streamer ?


I can only support this, would be nice if there would be a webhook to get notified if a streamer goes live :slight_smile:

Streams up/down webhook is already on the roadmap as in progress https://trello.com/b/xdoVhmKj/twitch-developer-platform-roadmap

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I m talking about the custom live notification (the classic one is : “XXX just started to live”)

Well, the actual notification part would have to be handled entirely by the developer, whether it be through a browser extension or some kind of other application. The most Twitch can do is give us the data when a user goes live.

@Dist great :slight_smile: overlooked that thx for pointing it out^^

I don’t get it, if a streamer can set up his own live message, it must be save somewhere on the twitch servers right ?

Looks like you can retrieve the notification text here:

"user_id": "13074",
"notification_type": "streamup",
"message": "This is a custom go live notification",
"is_default": false

It’s Kraken v5 so make sure you substitute the user ID.

<general disclaimer about it being an undocumented API>

I’ve been trying for days but it s not working. The api doesn’t recognize this url.

Are you specifying the API version as 5 in the header?

No what’s the typo ?

Ok find it ! IT’s working thank you so much !!

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