API for gift subscription to any user

I want to gift a subscription to twitch programmatically. I want to do it with angular.

There will be a button named “Get gift” in my angular app, on the click of that button the user should get the gift of a twitch subscription.

I have a twitch channel URL for which users should get a subscription gift. Also, I have an admin twitch account through which users will receive a twitch subscription gift. This means the admin will gift a user a twitch subscription.

But I want all the above flow with a single click of a button. This means the user should receive a subscription gift when he clicks on the “Get gift” button.

So, is there any API or SDK in angular through which subscription can be gifted directly?

It is not possible to subscribe, or gift subscriptions, through the API. It can only be done by an actual user on the Twitch site/app themselves.

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