API function to refresh a stream within the embed?

There are times when the embedded stream encounters a hiccup of some sort and blacks them all out with a red clickable box in the center to “refresh” the stream, resolving the issue.

What I’d like to know is:

  • Is this a state that is specified/returned/caught when you use addEventListener? I see a few there that might be what I’m looking for but I’m not sure which it is.

  • If not related to above, then can it be found in an attribute, parameter, API, etc?

  • Lastly, where can I find the attribute to enable the refresh but for a clickable outside of the embedded? That way if the clickable is blocked by a lengthy stream title, I can just use the clickable outside of the embed instead to refresh it.

If a stream in an stutters and pauses like that I’d expect it to send a PAUSED event

So then to refresh the stream just change channels twice (to somewhere else and back) or rebuild the iframe

Expect as not tested/seen

Thanks Barry! Yea I just copied the name of the stream, deleted it, then recreated it. Was hoping there was a less archaic version, but this’ll do for now.

I will look into the addEventListener part soon and will update here if that did resolve the issue, since it’ll be hard to trigger those events artificially.