API Keeps showing viewer count as ZERO

For the past 2 weeks or so, the API keeps showing view count as zero when doing a pull.

You can also notice this happening on the Embedded Player, when you first load up a stream, the Viewcount is ZERO, then after a couple of seconds it goes to the correct amount.

Going forward- should this be always expected? The Delay? Should we be coding around it and doing extra checks on the API to get the right #;s ? Or is this some temp thing and will be fixed at some point soon?

For the duration of the stream? Or just at the start of the stream?

Whats the actual request you are making?

For the embedded player, its generally at the start.

but for this - its always zero - https://api.twitch.tv/kraken/streams/< StreamID >

Unable to replicate


Shows 9470 viewers at time of writing.

Do it for a channel that is currently in ReRun mode

Ah. You didn’t say it was a ReRun thats why I asked

To which you answered:

That is why I asked for the actual request you are making, and the request you posted is invalid. (Also for this end point it’s userID not streamID

Your issue is related to the known issue

Hopefulyl Twitch will fix the issues with ReRun’s in the API

So what do you think they are doing in the background that has effected the viewer # in regards to ReRuns? Isnt it alittle weird for that to not work yet everything else does?

Also how it shows up on the embed player…

Do you think they are getting ready to remove ReRuns from the directory as it was in the past?


Viewer counts on the player are updated in a different way

It seems they pushed an update somewhere which has broken some other stuff but only on the third party side

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