API not possible with Android/iOs app?


relatively new to using APIs in general so I hope I’m just doing something wrong but a bit of background first. I’m trying to create a mobile app that will accompany a desktop based chat bot that’s been developed. The concept of the mobile app is that the user can log in to their twitch channel and then press buttons to send specific commands to their chat

I can’t get very far in integrating the twitch API into this at all. I’ve managed to get as far as a log in button that opens up the correct authorisation page, the authorisation button also does authorise against my twitch account (I can see the app under account connections) but then it trys to redirect to the redirect uri which it obviously can’t get to - and would never need to get to because I’d want to cache the token and return to the mobile app

Everything I’m reading so far seems to point to a general inability to do any kind of API dev work on mobile apps. Either that or the info is incomplete, 5 years old and riddled with dead links. Is what I’m trying even possible and if so is there any decent up to date documentation and guides on how to properly implement the OAuth request callback and API integration into a mobile application

It’s definitely possible. See this stackoverflow Q/A for example:

ooo very nice, thanks for the link. I clearly can’t google the right terms :frowning:

Am I (hopefully) right in assuming that this method would ring true for both android and ios? I’m trying to avoid double development where possible

I would assume so, but I don’t know anything about iOS development.

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