API PubSub Limits


We have a Twitch Extension and we would like to use Twitch’s PubSub API.
I’m just checking if there any limits to using the service.

We currently have a 3rd party PubSub integration and we are looking to replace it with the Twitch PubSub API service.
We are broadcasting messages to all Extension users, roughly at a couple of minutes intervals.
The number of messages depend on the number of events we generate on our Extension, but for a 2 hour stream, it would be something around 50 to 250.

Is that Ok, or this kind of usage is considered abusive?

Thank you!

The limits for Extension PubSub are mentioned here: Building Extensions | Twitch Developers

The send a pubsub message API also returns headers to help keep within the timing constraints

For a Channels it is

resp.headers[‘ratelimit-ratelimitermessagesbychannel-remaining’], ‘/’, resp.headers[‘ratelimit-ratelimitermessagesbychannel-limit’]

So you can use this to auto rate limit your sending logic

Thank you both!

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