API Request: Ad endpoints/subscriptions

I had a request for a feature that would help a lot with running streams. Right now twitch has multiple different features related to ad scheduling such as a pre-roll disabled timer, an automatic scheduled ad run timer, and just generally something tracking if ads are currently being run.

It would be really helpful if these were exposed through the API somehow. This would allow for better integrations with apps so that a streamer does not need to have the twitch dashboard open to check on things like how much time is left on the pre-rolls disabled timer or if the scheduled ad timer is going to run soon. This would also allow for some automated special stream integrations for things like built in visual stream elements that play during ads such as timers for how much longer the ad break will last, call to actions around subscribing if you want to remove ads, etc.

I imagine there are a handful of ways of implementing this if it’s possible. Eventsub or pubsub notifying on advertisment run events with metadata about how long pre rolls are disabled for and when the next auto scheduled ad break is would be one thing. Initial state upon a client connecting to the pubsub/eventsub on where those timers are at could be achieved either through an eventsub/pubsub message or simply a helix api that returns the current state of things.

Thanks so much for reading the suggestion.

All requests and suggestions for 1st party products should be under uservoice. That’s where staff will see them. This is a 3rd party community forum and your suggestions won’t reach the right staff here.


My mistake! Thanks for the heads up, I’ll put my request there.

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