API request: add "new follower" topic to PubSub

PubSub currently supports topics for cheers, channel points, subscriptions, but does not support registering for new follower events. Is adding such a topic to PubSub a reasonable request?

I am developing a desktop app that orchestrates my stream, including reacting to follows, cheers, subscriptions, etc. While helix is useful to fetch initial state for that info, it does not seem appropriate to poll on those endpoints in order to detect new events. PubSub supports topics for new cheers and new subs, but not new follows.

I realize there is a webhook for new followers, but it is not helpful in this circumstance. I have no public server in my design, and creating one just to act as an intermediary between webhooks and a desktop app seems excessive.

Feature requests should be submitted to the uservoice


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Thanks, didn’t realize there was also a uservoice.

For those that stumble across this thread, here is the uservoice request for this functionality: https://twitch.uservoice.com/forums/310213-developers/suggestions/40423873-add-channel-follows-as-a-topic-in-pubsub

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