Api request form link is wrong

Hello, I would like to apply for a higher api request quota, but old link https://dev.twitch.tv/limit-increase
is wrong - it goes to bot validation form.

Where to apply for a higher quota?

You can no longer apply for a higher quota.

Hence it’s no longer on the form.

Why do you need a higher rate limit? I’m pretty sure there are ways to optimize your app to avoid it :slight_smile:

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Is it real? Dear god, but my Twitch widgets request more quota. There are many users using them at once.

Collect and cache the data the widget returns for up to 24 hours?

Like if you need to look up the game name for game X, you don’t need to go fetch game ID x every single time. Just cache data where you can to avoid lookups, which also makes your widgets quicker since it doesn’t have to round trip to Twitch.

Thank you for your reply. I make stream widgets that show stream viewers count. It reloads every 30 or 60 seconds and is used on many channels. It is impossible to cache that

You need to be aware of this then:

as well. You’ll need to do the lookup using an app access token as well.

Theres a few other alternatives but nothing simple…

Also, data are cached on Twitch side for a few minutes, you can optimize by not updating every stream data every minutes.
Let’s say you update a stream viewership every 2 or 3 minutes, you can handle 2 or 3 times more channels :smiley:

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Holy hell… thanks for the info…
Are there higher limits now when using Oauth?

800 requests per minute

Oh right. hmmm peace was never an option… Streamers will kill me for requiring oauth… They are so paranoid when asking for oauth authorization.

If your code runs on your server, you can use an app access token. Which doesn’t represent a user and you can make it using your ClientID + Secret.

Your Server does the lookup and passes the number to the display

I do exactly so! I use app access token. But it shows zero because of rate limit. There was an option to apply for a higher quota and I did this before.

How many streamers do you have using your widgets? The 800/minute is enough to get the viewer count of 80,000 streamers per minute. If you’re requesting per individual channel, or more frequently than once per minute (don’t forget, Twtich’s API uses caching so you’d just be getting cached data), then you’re wasting your rate limit.

I have not so many streamers but I make 3 CURL requests for each channel:

  1. $json[‘data’][0][‘viewer_count’]
  2. $json[‘data’][0][‘id’]; // to get user id from his name
  3. $json[‘total’]; // getting followers

This is for a widget showing stream viewers and foll counters

Am I cursed now?

Cache this, I store ID/names in a database and only fetch names I’ve not seen before.

Fetch once per 24 hours and use webhooks to count up

Okay, thanks

You can get the current viewer count of up to 100 streams in a single request.

Same for users to get their ID which you can then cache and not make repeated requests.

Understood, thank you. But… my code is awful but it was working until these days

Did that and it helped for now. Thank you all for responses.