API Request, if user is following my channel

Hey guys, I want to build a request, where I can look if a special user is following my channel.

I found this url " https://api.twitch.tv/helix/users?login=" + username. But I need an oauth and a ClientID. I found the client ID on dev.twitch, but where do I get the oauth key. I found something in the docs, but I dont get it.

Maybe you have any tips.

The follows API will let you check if user X is following user Y

An oAuth token is generated using the client ID and secret.

SInce Get User Follows doesn’t need a scope then any kind of oAuth token works

So you could use a client credentials token

The authentication docs are here for that Getting OAuth Access Tokens | Twitch Developers

Thank you that helps me a lot. How do I find out the to_id?

if you want to see if barrycarlyon is following cohhcarnage aka the viewer and the streamer

Then the from_id is the user ID of barrycarlyon - the viewer - 15185913
And the to_id is the user ID of cohhcarnage - the streaner - 26610234

UserID’s fro usernames can be obtained from the Get Users API - Reference | Twitch Developers

thanks mate

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