API returning an invalid access token?

Currently building a quick javascript application and I believe the API is returning an invalid token or my application is not being authenticated properly on Twitch’s end.

Here is the link I am using:


Notice that the scope “user_read” is most definitely in there. That link is definitely working because it brings me to this screen (with all the correct scopes): http://imgur.com/9u6qs38

So I login and it redirects me to my redirect URI which looks like:


There is no redirect mismatch error, or anything like that. It looks like I am authenticated, since it gave me an access token. However, when I try and check to see if the token is valid, using https://api.twitch.tv/kraken, it shows this: http://imgur.com/fEnmr98

Why is the validity showing up as false and why are none of my scopes under “authorization?”

Had to use PHP and switch response type to code in order for it to work. So there is definitely something wrong with token as a response type and I would greatly appreciate it if Twitch can look into this for me. I like to avoid PHP as much as I can.

There is nothing wrong with the implicit authorization method that I can detect. During peak hours access tokens can sometimes take a few seconds to become active. I suggest retrying them a few times to see if that helps.

Yeah, its funny. I have about 20 other applications that use implicit authorization and they all work fine. Perhaps you are correct that it is just a peak hours issue. I’ll explore this again in a few days/a week to see if it was just a temporary issue.

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