Api returns empty json data

I was working on a site for my class assignment and when I submitted it everything was returning fine. Now it is 6hrs later and I try to show my wife my static site and it returns an empty json array. Is there something going on, on Twitch’s end? just curious since this assignment is due tonight. here is the API request that I submit https://api.twitch.tv/kraken/search/streams?client_id=0g2ex58adfewngshnutm5yks4bntml&query=league&limit=12. Thought that was strange since it suddenly stopped returning json array data

Seems fine now…

Sometimes search just fails.

How are you making the request?

It would be preferential to perform the request server side (via cURL) and cache the response.

There used to be a bug where the SSL cert wouldn’t verify in some cases, but thats a nerfed bug. When you get an empty response do you get a non 200 HTTP Code?

yea it is fine now, Thanks Barry. It seemed to be a short outage that happened on Sunday. A few of my classmates even tried their own API requests and got the same thing then, but it was working an hour or so later.

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