API Scope Question


I thought at one point that channel_editor allowed for the /host command to be provided to a user (bot). Yes, I did verify that the bot in question does have the permission as it can set the stream title and stream game.

So, I am probably wrong on the scope, but, looking over the scopes list, nothing jumps out at me as “I have permission to run /host” on behalf of the broadcaster. Am I to assume that I probably need to just connect an IRC connection as my caster account and send the /host command over that?

Thanks, as always!

/host needs the account to be set as an editor via the broadcaster’s dashboard, as far as I know.

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I will give it a try, I was thinking granting the permission via the authentication and applying the channel_editor scope was the same thing, but perhaps not!

Yup, well, learn something new! Thank you!

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