API shows streamer is offline but he is not! [Solved]

I get JSON from https://api.twitch.tv/kraken/streams/m0e_tv. I look for field “stream”. When streamer is offline, it shows null. When streamer is streaming, it shows something else. But right at this moment, 6:09 am chicago time 06/22/2016, stream is null, even though he is online. Why? Is something wrong? I have tried looking up for other streamers. It shows correct value for “stream” but not for m0e_tv. Can someone help me?

Some topics I think you should look at:

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It’s a case sensitive issue with streams/:channel endpoint. Just use temporarily the display_name instead of channelname to access his api data.

See here Api.twitch.tv/kraken/streams/ endpoint unstable

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I registered for the first time to complain about this issue. After complaining, I browsed other topics and I found that 2nd link you provided. In that post, DallasNChains says this, “Another quick update here. We’ve added some sampling code to this endpoint and are collecting data now. Once I’m back from E3 and get to delve into the data, I will be having discussions with the team that own this API to see how we can fix the problem. As always, I’ll keep you posted. :smile:”.
After reading that, I tried to delete my post but I couldn’t. Sorry

okay let me try that

It worked!!!

is your onMessage(…) method working? onMessage(…) method in Pircbot? Mine is not for some reason

nevermind it is working now. I joined the channel with 1 letter capitalized. I need to join the channel with lower cases. thnx

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