Streamer offline according to API when actually streaming


I have a website that allows the user to view streams with the option to change channels when there are multiple streamers online. This is obviously nothing new. But there’s something strange with a particular channel.

To check on which channels are online or offline, I make use of the Twitch API ( I have multiple channels listed in there to get it all in one request. However, one particular channel is always listed as offline. Funny thing is, when I noticed that I was actually watching his channel on the twitch website and when I hard code his channel into the embed element, it’s streaming just fun. The menu, however, states he is offline. It is working fine for everyone else.

The channel owner has no idea what is going on and what he can do and neither do I. There was another topic with a similar issue (API falsely reporting a channel offline), but it didn’t provide much information, sadly. Could someone shed some light on this strange mystery? I have tried the following:

Uppercase/lowercase variations of the channel name - No difference
Placing it in a different order among all the channels - No difference
Hardcode the embed channel as mentioned - No difference, menu still thinks he’s offline when he’s streaming

Whats the channel?


Actual channel:

If the channel always appears offline they might have the legacy option enabled in their settings to hide their channel from the directory.

Probably under or

It seems like this was the case! Thank you!

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