Api.twitch.tv/gql subscription status call failing

I have just released a new version of my extension and I have a weird error in production I do not have in development and which is happenning only on certain channels.
There is call to “https://api.twitch.tv/gql” which timeouts after 20 seconds.

I am not making the call myself, this seems to be part of Twitch.onAuthorized() and this also seemed to be related to subscription status as the query of the call is :
{"query":"query ExtensionSubscriptionStatus(\n $channelID: ID\n) {\n user(id: $channelID) {\n id\n self {\n subscriptionBenefit {\n tier\n }\n }\n }\n}","variables":{"channelID":"75570414"}}

You can check the error yourself here (you need to be logged) : https://www.twitch.tv/popout/izawsmash/extensions/hvvijr100w490kxs6y5tj7twac5hh0/panel

Works fine for me.

Usually any issues with API’s you don’t control or shouldn’t be accessing are temporary. Looks like there was an outage during your testign

@BarryCarlyon Unfortunately this is still not working for me. I tried on 2 different computers.
The error only happens if you grant permissions to the extension.
So on your end the call is successfull ? I sent you the curl by message.

Hi, I’ve got exact same issue. If user grants permission for reading his subscription status - extension won’t authorize with 504 call to https://api.twitch.tv/gql. Without this permission app works fine. Error appears only on channels that can be subscribed.

It just got fixed.

You should not be calling GQL on your own

Twitch acknowledged and fixed the issue, just had to wait for them to get up and investigate/solve it.

@BarryCarlyon I am not calling GQL by my self. I have just copied the curl from the network tab.
Happy to hear it is fixed :slight_smile: