API V5 Error? Cannot view channel subscription of another user

OK – I admit I am new to this API – but – I am doing various API calls and they are all working EXCEPT when I call


This is with V5 … using OAuth … and I’ve tripled checked the passed in userId is the same as the authenticated one … but I am still getting the error:

{“error”:“Forbidden”,“status”:403,“message”:“Cannot view channel subscription of another user.”}

I have scopes of:
scope: [channel_check_subscription, user_read, user_follows_edit]

Any ideas!? This is sort of frustrating …

A key with channel_check_subscription belongs to :channel in the URL you have provided.

channel_check_subscription allows you as a broadcaster/channel to see if any user is subscribed to the channel identified by channel_id

You have got a key with the wrong auth on.

To check subscriptions when you are a user

Which requires user_subscriptions

Basically you are back to front for what you are trying to do

That did the trick! To me the documentation is a bit confusing on what API to use.


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