Approval delay?


I’ve submitted the extension for approval on April 10th, but still not approved (It’s been 2 weeks). Is it normal?

If anyone has more info, I would be grateful.
Thank you!

2 to 10 working days has always been standard for Extension reviews, and recently it has been towards the longer end so 10 to 15 working days is seemingly more common although Twitch don’t disclose the current state of the queue or the review staff so all we have to go on is when other developers mention how long it has taken them recently.

I submitted an extension last night and the email I got said 3 business days. Are you saying not to expect that and instead expect several weeks? That would be good to know as right now I’m expecting ~3 days.

Here is the exact quote from the email:

Our team will review your Extension and respond with the outcome in an email within the next 3 business days.

The email is placeholder and the values in the email not revised inline with any current time(s) or queue states.

Developers usually share their times in the third party discord last estimate is goes to check edit incoming about 3-5 working days based on my last couple of reviews

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Is that 3rd party discord public or invite only? Is it a discord channel for twitch developers (eg. extension developers I mean.)

Also My account here is considered new despite having signed up with my twitch account which is +10 years old so I can’t reply much.

Yup and it’s easy to gain access to the extensions channel.

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