Are extensions that disabled other extensions ok?

Just wondering if this is acceptable behavior as we have come across Overlay extensions that purposely disables all Component extensions. While It is somewhat understandable that they do this to maximize functionality so other extensions are not in the way it does not feel right and it is also very confusing for streamers when suddenly extensions are disabled without warning and they have to manually turn it on. Is it okay to do this in our extensions? Disable other extensions? Does not feel right.

In order to do that, the extension would of asked the broadcaster for extra permissions to do that…

So if a broadcaster granted that then it’s “their own fault”. But I have no idea why an extension would do that. it’s a bit of a dick move…

Can you give us an example of an extension that exhibits the behaviour you’ve mentioned?

Its is one of the cases where the users just click the “I accept” button to use the extension. It is fairly popular and I use it myself, I do not want the the creators to get in trouble and it for be disabled or anything like that I was just curious as to why they could do something like this, as it kind of defeats the purpose of component overlays. I can send a PM to those interested.

~My curiosity is peaked! PM away!~

We shared…

looks like might be a bug on that extension it’s only supposed to auto on/off itself not the others… Needs reporting to the extension developer.

(Extension is open source we looked at the code)

You guys are amazing, thanks for checking it out! Will report it to the dev.