Are PubSub connections limits enforced?


Let’s say I open 10 PubSub connections at once. Properly implementing the reception of a RECONNECT message involves first opening another connection, listening to the topics the soon-to-be-killed connection listened to, then kill that old connection once the new connection is confirmed to be listening to the topics.

Can I open that 11th connection at all?
What if all my connections are made to the same server, which need to be restarted, and all my 10 connections receive a RECONNECT at once ? Can I open 10 more connections for the few seconds / milliseconds needed?

If it’s not enforced, will it stay that way in the future?


Under the “Handling connections failure” portion of the best practices, we recommend that you establish a new connection and listen to those topics before reconnecting.

You won’t get an error for that 11th connection if that’s what you’re asking. That could happen in the future, but it’s not currently the case. From a practical standpoint, a reasonable number of extra connections for reconnect purposes should be fine. Going way over the limits is a violation of our Developer Agreement.

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