Are the preview image urls from kraken "Get Stream by User" static / permanent?


i want to embed streamer preview images on my website.

my question is, are the urls that you get by kraken api static?

means do this urls ever change?

i dont want to call the api to much times over and over again for no reason.

is if the url is always the same i can just cache this images time by time to embed them into my website.

best wishes


The previews are fetched from “”, so yes they would be static images.

The URL for previews is,{username}-{width}x{height}.jpg

Hello DDrew,
thanks for your Answer.

So if this is Fact, it makes a lot of APi Calls unnecessary.

So as i am a “Good Boy” i will not (need to) use the API for this Task anymore and cache the images time by time to reduce Load on Twitch´s CDN too.

Thank you



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How can the {width} and {height} be defined in helix?

Set {width} and {height} to whatever width and height you want

as noted Helix: Defining thumbnail width/height

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