Are Twitch Extension Employees on vacation?

My latest version has a bug fix, which took me 15 mins to patch but now over 9 days to implement and probably longer.

Are longer review and support times usual around the holidays?

Even when it’s not a public holiday it is not unheard of for extension reviews to take up to 2 weeks, so it would make sense for reviews to take longer as they work through any backlog that there may be left over from the holidays.

Ok thanks.

Well you are the first I’ve heard say it's not unheard of for extension reviews to take up to 2 weeks.

There are numerous reports on the TwitchDev server from devs who have had long review times, 2 weeks was the longest I’ve seen, several more around the 10 day mark.

Sometimes you can be lucky and it’ll be reviewed the same day, sometimes it just takes longer, it all depends on the current workload a number of staff available to review them. All you as a dev can do is to provide proper patch note documentation to hopefully reduce the time needed to review it once yours reaches the front of the queue, other than that just be patient :slight_smile: