Are your whispers not going through for your bot?

Hello valued developers,

If your chat robots™ are trying to send whispers, and those whispers are not making it to recipients, you may have hit one of our automatic anti-spam measures. We are working on new systems that will be more effective than currently implemented solutions.

If you require your bot to be whitelisted, please request to our support at

Please provide:

  • Description of what your bot does with whispers
  • How many whispers an hour, and day you send
  • The bot’s username

Your bot must be sending whispers to more than 40-50 unique users a day to be considered.

EDIT: The form is now closed. Please use the above instructions to request to be whitelisted.



Do we need to do so if we already registered on on the previous thread?


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How does this affect bot developers who’s users use their own bot account? IE DeepBot, Ankhbot, QuorraBot and so on? Should we advise our users to apply?

Yes, each unique account would need to be whitelisted

Is this thread where you want us to direct our users?

Form sended.

Thank you Xangold!

Do we get a notification when it’s whitelisted?
And what are the new limits then?

The limits are unchanged.

Whitelisting prevents you getting shadow banned by the spam protection (ie where you keep repeating yourself, for token balances where only 4 characters change in the string you keep repeating, etc)

Ok. So do we get an email if whitelisting has been complete?
Also , do you perhaps know the official limits?


3 times already my bot got shadow banned for whisper even though I have the appropriate information entered into Google form( So I appeal from asking how to solve this problem?


Using deepbot with nick:

Thanks for your answer
With respect W0lficek

It’s been like two weeks, did I do something wrong…

Hi Hatsuney,

It can take some time before we whitelist your application as we try to do basic verification of accounts before whitelisting them.

I recommend not turning on applications to lots of users on production until a few days after requesting your application get whitelisted. Unfortunately there is a similar pattern between bots that send lots of messages to different users for legitimate uses, and bots that spam things to different users. We’re still working on a more complex system to fight abuse, so the limits are still necessary.

We’re trying to spend our time fixing that and not fighting fires with new applications as much as possible, hence the delay you have experienced. I hope you can understand that, and we are looking forward to when this is no longer the case!


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I’m on “production” for nearly 2 years now, with few thousands channels, and already got blocked from whispers, so it’s kinda too late…

Hi Xangold,

Just a quick question as I’ve just seen the thread, is it okay to share the form in our Discord server for all of the streamers in there to check so they can get this done?

Many Thanks

Was trying to use whispers in Lirik’s chat with hnlbot but its banned from whispers, talked to hnl and he said he tried to contact you but got no reply.

Is there any kind of notification we get when the requested account is whitelisted?


Just to let you know guys, group/whisper servers just got merged with AWS, so if you can’t see your bot’s whispers, try connecting to either,, or (As of writing this reply, whispers seem to be broken, a fix is currently underway, hopefully.)

Is this also the reason why my bot seems to not be receiving whispers? I’ve submitted my bot but I’d like to know if that is related to this or if it’s completely unrelated. Prior to today my bot didn’t have any issues sending or receiving whispers now with the new merge to AWS my bot only recieves maybe 1 out of 10 whispers. Sending whispers still seems completely fine. Also probably related whispers seem to show up on the website in the whisper box but sometimes aren’t sent to irc clients such as hexchat at approximately the same rate.

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