Asking About Integration in my app

i am new here and i want to know that my app is about sharing twitch videos for views and it’s all from user side we user add links and other watch if they want
i want to integrate this using flutter_twitch_player in my app but i want to know that this twitch allows me as youtube and playstore allows with privacy policy as it depends upon user activity
please let me know can i add this feature in my app using this plugin in flutter flutter_twitch_player or webview


The Twitch Embed,, is the only legitimate player you’re allowed to use. Any other sort of Twitch Player would be a violation of the Twitch Developer Agreement and likely the ToS.

Thanks for answering and i am asking here to avoid any type of violation of twitch.
using embed i can play videos in my app like you watch videos for 1-5 mins and share there video links.

hello, Please clear above answer.
can i show twitch in webview inside app like in-app webview for video