Audio desync in VODs

When I’m streaming, it’s just fine.
But when I wish to create a highlight the audio is desynced from the get go, only to get worse the further in you go.
Now on the one hand this made my decision to record everything locally from now on even easier even if this does mean I have to spend what little hard earned cash I have on an extra ssd, (so thanx for that). But on the other hand this means I had to screen cap the give-away I recently had from the VOD and am currently in Premiere fixing something that should not need fixing. Do you have any idea how much pointless work this is? Well, let me tell you. A lot. It’s a time-consuming, painstaking task.

But it’s either this, or getting tons of replies on YT telling me the audio is desynced… Thanx again twitch!

As this is not an API issue you should email for assistance.

Well, mods are free to move it to the category ‘uncategorised’. d;
I’ve never had this issue before, in the past my audio in VODs was fine.
Nothing on my end has changed, still using the exact same setup and setting as I always have.
And as I said before, when I’m streaming the audio is fine, it gets broken when viewing a VOD.
It’s not me who needs assistance, but the techies responsible for maintaining the VOD/highlight system, which really needs some TLC anyway. It’s 2015, this is the best you got?
I have my solution, recording everything locally now, and ignoring the auto-archived VODs on twitch. Or perhaps it’s intentional, to discourage non-partnered streamers from making highlights and try to get bigger. There is no money to be earned from us, so do we even matter?

Yes, you matter. If you want to take the cynical “Twitch only cares about money” viewpoint, it makes sense for us to grow streamers to gain more viewers so that we then make more money.

The issue with posting feedback in this forum is that it won’t reach the right people. is the place to go if you want to file a complaint, or if you want assistance. That said, we acknowledge our VOD product is lacking, and are working to improve it.


lol. Take;

With a grain of salt. It;s my sense of humour that didn’t quite translate to text. d;

That is amazing to hear, can’t wait to see what’s coming. (:

I’m used to going to a forum for initial support and/or have questions answered.
Thanx for the reply.

The key here is that this is not a general Twitch forum, this is a forum for the Twitch Developer Program.

The thing is, I googled my ass off and there weren’t any other options to contact Twitch besides an email address.

What else was I gonna do? The matter was already handled by a staff member and you’re really not helping or adding any useful information.

Might as well have posted the lyrics to the trololo song, it would’ve been just as pointless. d;
But thanks for trying to help. :unamused:

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