Auth redirect issue on Github Pages site

I am moving my site to Github Pages so I can host it for free. After moving it there I have run into an issue where the auth redirect loops and tells me that I have a mismatched redirect uri. My site is which will route you to The redirect uri is set in my site and in the Twitch dev portal as I’m not sure what I’m missing.

the trailing slash matters. Make sure to add both versions to the redirect URL list.

I still get the same issue after adding the URL with and without the ending slash.

After making the change you might need to wait 5/10 minutes for Twitch to clear any caches of your previous configuration

Yep I gave it about an hour now and I still have the same issue.

Did you urlencode the redirect_uri in the outbound link to Twitch the # is probably throwing it off if you didn’t

I’ll give that a shot.

So if I url encode the redirect_uri it doesn’t seem to change anything. I still have the same issue.

When Twitch has the error of “redirect URI mismatch” I redirects to the first oAuth URL in the list. So that might be what you are currently seeing.

I’ve never used a URL with # as a URL redirect as that normally means “go to this anchor on a page”. So I wonder if you have stumbled on a unexpected outcome from using this.

Generally a URI will end with a /

So as far as I know the correct URL should be

Having checked your dashboard it is declaring

So it’s either not encoding the URL correct and it’s ignoring everything after the #

Since it should be

Which is also doing the complaining about the redirect URI

But I cannot see what your tool is actually generating, only the end result after the redirects round the houses

Can you post a screenshot of what you currently have your dashboard set to?
And make your tool spit out a link to click rather than redirecting?

@BarryCarlyon I greatly appreciate how helpful you are in these forums! I was completely missing the fact that encodeURI() was not actually encoded the redirect_uri and I needed to use encodeURIComponent() instead. I was able to get it to work after that. Thank you!


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