Auth site won't load in an iframe

So I am trying to make a login, and it works just fine to just enter the URL in the browser/linking to it, and then it will successfully send the user back to the return URL.

The problem is, when I try to have the auth URL loaded in an iframe, so the user will directly see the “subscriber only” content if already authed, and session is running, or will see the login/auth form on the twitch auth site if not.

If i use the HTTP instead of HTTPS or the wrong client-id in the url, I do se the error message! But when I use the correct url, that works directly in a browser, the iframe shows nothing.

Same if I load a page in the iframe with a link to the correct auth-page, it won’t show anything in the iframe when clicked, but if I “select open in a new tab”, it shows the form!

Do twitch have something that prevents the auth-page to be loaded in an iframe, or am I doing something wrong?

Don’t load in a iframe this is BAD PRACTICE and bad for “customer” confidence.

You MUST redirect to Twitch, or using the JS SDK you can pop a dialog window instead (which is also NOT a iframe).

It will not work in a iframe for security reasons. And you should avoid attempting this.

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