Auth0 connection

Hellow, I try connected to twich for, but if i used thay Extensions “Twich”, thay return me json:
{“error”:“Bad Request”,“status”:400,“message”:“No client id specified”}

How fix this problem?

Sounds like auth0 is not compatible with talking to Twitch? Or it’s implementation is out of date.

best consult them not us…

From the looks of it, you need to add your clientID in the “Custom Headers” box they thoughtfully provide you.

Totally missed that box when reading since the example/generates code mentions v3 when you should be using v5 and that header doesn’t seem to have a entry in the custom headers for it.

Edit: In fact he’s getting a clientID error at the wrong step so the custom headers don’t apply as you pass the clientID in the first step as a query string argument not a header. So

@Ross_Di When you are getting this error before or after the redirect and return to twitch?

@Anaerin if you pass an oAuth token that is valid, you don’t need a ClientID. As Twitch works out the client ID from the oAuth.

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