Auth0 Redirect Mismatch URL

Trying to use Auth0 for Twitch authentication

Using this VueJS boilerplate:

(pull and npm start it)

I have my callback URL set in my code as:

And my app in Twitch callback URL is set as:

Literally the same.
I have my Auth0 API configured using the Custom Social Connections extension using the correct Twitch App ID.

Basically, I can get to the part of the journey where my callback URL is passed from Auth0 to Twitch and that is the point where I’m greeted with a redirect_mismatch error:

For this reason, I feel like this is a Twitch issue and I’m asking here as to why I could be getting a redirect mismatch error even though my URLs are identical. It’s confusing as well given that after logging in, twitch is actually redirecting back to… you guessed it, the correct redirect url?

Is there any way I can debug this and see why Twitch keep insisting they have the wrong redirect URL?

The redirect URL is visible in the authorization page URL (, does it match the expectation there?

Unfortunately, it does.

I predict that the UI/App Dashboard has a / on the end (of the callback). And you are sending what you think you set it to (no / on the end) but it’s set to a / on the end

As URLS should end in a / or a File name (if I recall the RFC correctly).

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