Authenticate user "locally"

Hi guys,
at the moment i have a special kind of problem.

I am planning to make a twitch game, which connects to my own websocket server for communication.
The other side is a greasemonkey script, which provides a userinface embedded in twitch.

Now i need a way, to authenticate the user, so im sure he is person xy.

From the cookies i get a “session_unique_id” and a “api_token”.
From the localstorage i get a “localstorage_unique_id”.

Anybody has an idea, how i can trustfully authenticate the user?
Just sending my websocket server: “Hey, i am user xy”, would cause a lot of insecurity in my game.


Ok i found out myself.
I need to get “” with “Twitch-Api-Token” in the header with the token from the cookies.

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