Authentication Flow to get bearer token for an app that doesn't use a server

Say I simply want to use the Get Top Games API ( I’m working with a mobile application, which means there is no server.

How would I get an OAuth token without requiring a user to authorize the application?

From looking at the documentation ( it seems neither the OAuth implicit code flow nor the nor the OAuth client credentials flow does what I want.
The first requires user action and the latter is only supposed to be used server-to-server.

Shouldn’t it be possible somehow to use non-user-related parts of the API (like getting information about games, streams, etc.) in an easy way?

You have have to get the user to login via implicit authentication

Alas Twitch has made this change, the expectation (in my opinion) is that your server, (that you don’t have), would make the relevant calls to the API and cache what makes sense to cache which would make your app respond more quickly if it serves from the cache rather than the Twitch API all the time

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Got it. A bit unfortunate, but oh well.
In any case, thanks for the quick response. :wave:

Welcome! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

You just can’t really do things pure client side now, if you don’t log the user in

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