Authentication for Alexa Skill Issue

I am creating an alexa skill that allows for a user to link to their twitch account and have alexa tell them their top live streamers. When I try to link my account on pc, I am successful in getting the OAuth token, but when going authenticating with my mobile I first get “Oops! WE encountered an unexpected error logging you in. Please try again.”, then if I do it again I get an authentication failure. I have checked the URL for both authentication pages and the redirect url, the client_id, the response type, and the scope are all the same. Anyone know what could be the issue? Thanks!

EDIT: The solution here:

I’ll ask our internal team about this. It should work just the same, but I’ll confirm with them.

Thanks! If it helps at all one of the accounts I was testing with was “turtlelordjp”, it had both working authentication from the PC and non-working from mobile.

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