Authentication scope docs error

I was just working on auth and noticed the docs for authentication scope has a contradiction in.

The auth code flow shows &scope=<space-separated list of scopes>
yet the example at the bottom of the page shows `&scope=user_read+channel_read``

Just thought I’d point it out so you’re aware

Spaces will become either + or %20 after you encode the query string values to generate the final authentication URL.

I had assumed the same thing, and was using ‘+’ before. However discovered today that my scopes weren’t fully working. This fixed when I replaced all +'s with spaces.

Perhaps there’s a deeper bug here, then?

The + works for me if I add it into an anchor tag in HTML. I noticed that you have an extra mark after channel_read. Is that a post error, or are you sending that request as the URL? There is an extra mark in the auth code flow example, so that could be the confounding thing. :slight_smile:

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