Auto Highlight Bot

An extension that maybe highlights videos every five minutes or something along those lines. It would surely make my channel that much easier to manage to export to youtube.

Not sure if thats possible.

It’s defiantly not possible as a Twitch Extension, to which this category pertains (adding features that both viewers and users can interact with)…

It would make my job a lot easier. Thanks anyway

As @BarryCarlyon says, as a Twitch Extension alone, what you’re looking for isn’t (currently) possible. There are no active endpoints of the Twtich API, afaik, which allow for creation of videos from an existing stream or VOD.

You’ve got me thinking about possible solutions though, since there’s clearly value in such a tool. Here are some rough thoughts on ways to implement it and an existing alternative:

  • First, take a look at BOOM if you haven’t already. With BOOM your audience would pick out the highlights and video files for each would be stored on your streaming PC. Maybe that suits your needs, at least it might save you some work.

  • If you were willing to delegate the selection of highlights to your audience: (maybe only trusted members like moderators), I can imagine an Extension for highlight generation and export. These trusted viewers would simply hit a button and a timecode would be recorded. Making and uploading the video would involve a high bandwith EBS implementation. The VOD and timecodes would need to be passed to a video editing service API (like this) and then upload the resulting highlight collection to YouTube.

  • If you preferred to be in control of picking highlights: a manual keybinding or otherwise physical switch to act as a timecode logger. Which is to say, a button that acts like the PS4’s share button. You’d have your streaming software configured to record, then when the broadcast is over, perhaps an ffmpeg script would split the recording into seperate highlights and stitch them together. Initiate that process within a web server and then take the final video and automatically upload it to YouTube.

Implementing either of the above is by no means trivial, especially considering how many specifics about the problem space are absent from these sketches.

All I mean to relate here is that solving the problem is conceivable and probably worth the effort. I’m sure there’s a significant portion of streamers who would value such a tool or service.

Honestly, you’re probably better off just downloading the whole VOD from Twitch and then using FFmpeg to splace as needed.

There’s not an easy way to download VODs, as Twitch intentionally obfuscates it I think. You need to hit an endpoint to get a token which is then used to hit another endpoint to get the raw file url.
Starting with this:
Where 221111315 is the VOD id. Using the returned token and sig, you can access the raw video file, but I forgot the endpoint for that.

Thank you for the help! I just wanna do what I do faster and more process friendly.

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