'Auto Hosts You' List Bug?

Hi, I was wondering else has run into this issue & can confirm if it is a bug or something else.

Currently on my ‘Auto Hosts You’ List I am missing someone who should be on it.

My work colleague auto hosts me, I do the same in return.
I am on his list, he is NOT on mine.
We have tested to see when I go live if he hosts me (it works as expected)

We have removed and added each other & have waited to see if the results change (they don’t)

On the API under:
he also doesn’t show.

I am currently developing an app extension which would communicate with this api, however if it doesn’t work as it should, it will prove difficult.

Could someone please confirm if it is a bug or not & if its is, it will be fixed soon?

Thank you

V4 is not an officially supported API for use as it is not documented at

So not much can be done about it. And further more you should not be using it in a third party application.

Hi Barry. Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

It doesnt state anywhere that API v4 should not be used in a 3rd party app. Does it explicitly say that anywhere? Im asking just to be sure.

More importantly, could anyone confirm if the problem I have is a bug or not ie. Has anyone else have this problem? Ive have emailed twitch but got no confirmation in any way

If it is not found/covered at

Then it’s not really to be used by third parties, as it’s undocumented, unsupported and can break or change at any time.

The only v4 documented endpoints are the video upload end points. (And I think that got updated to v5 but I’ve not used them for a while and are called via kraken with a relevant header rather than the v4 path directly)

v3 and v5 are in active use

URL’s starting

as documented


as documented

are officially supported for third party use

Again thank you Barry for this information :slight_smile: Unfortunatly this is not what I am asking.
My question is to do with the Auto Hosts You list and why it is not showing someone it should. If this question doesnt belong here then consider this topic closed.

Yeah that would be a general issue to send to @twitchsupport on Twitter. Usually the internally API stuff tends to be fixed randomly before any pokings get poked

I answered based on this:

Closing as requested :smiley: