Auto respond to certain text

ok guys i need help with this how can i make it so that my own twitch account responds to certain text how i want

lets say im in my own stream or my friends stream i want it so that when someone writes hello how are you 15
i want it to respond I am good how are you 13

what can i use to do this ?

im very weak at programming know a little c# but not enough to inject it to my browser and stuff :smiley:

What you want is a Twitch chat bot that connects via TMI (Twitch Message Interface/Twitch IRC) and use a trigger on certain text/regex strings.

A quick google for twitch chat bot should yield many results, some of which probably already have a trigger feature built in.

Hey did you figure out how to do what you wanted using c#?

i can give you the code or show you have to do it if you want. I have a chatbot for c#, python, java, and mirc so whichever you are most familiar with.

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