Automated Embedded twitch video iframe using Twitch API and bash

Here, a video and written guide on how to create an Automated Embedded twitch video iframe on your website. Requires a Linux server, and your website must have an SSL installed for https.

Why do we need to make this automated? Because I wanted to show people who I was hosting on twitch on my websites twitch video iframe. This requires accessing the twitch api to see who were hosting, and then updating the iframe on our website with that channel. Manually updating this every time who you’re hosting would just be out of the question.

This represents about 14 hours of combined work so you can save a great deal of time using this guide.

TLDR: You can use this to support people on twitch using your website!

If this is against forum rules let me know. Sorry just trying to spread some good info that people can use to support their twitch buddies.

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