Automated Live Feed of a games section HTML for €

Hello dear developers. I’m running a website where I would like to have a real time updated feed of the Twitch streamers in the Casino Games section. Since I have no expertise in this area myself and only succesfully embed individual streamers channels and not the entire Casino Games section. I have tried as good as I can without results and I’m now reaching out to you.

HTML would be great, please mail me at I could pay you a few € over paypal :smile:

I like to give out examples for free, so please enjoy my twitch API example dump at

A live example of what might work for you is at casino.php and you can view the actual code at casino.php.txt


(If anyone else has some examples they would like to submit please ensure the code has some comments explaining what’s going on so a novice could work with it, and shoot me a message)

This helped me out so much. However I do not get it to popout when I klick and it wont be redirecting to the specifik channel. Let me know if anyone’s up for helping! Thank you so much Matt. God sent!


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